Evolve Machine Learners
Our Mission

Create a community of aspiring Machine Learning Engineers

Our mission at Evolve Machine Learners is pretty straight forward. We’re creating a community for aspiring machine learning engineers. Within this community we’ll learn together, grow together and hopefully start our own companies together.

Secret Sauce

Here is my secret - I truely believe that everyone can become a Machine Learning Engineer.

Especially, The talent I see all across Asia? It might be quicker for some and slower for others. But that’s why we have a community. So we can support each other through the journey with the right attitude, a lot work and a belief that you can be a Machine Learning Engineer.

We’re going to have a really kick-ass community of Evolve Machine Learners.

Secret Sauce # 2

While some will decide to enter the workforce as Machine Learning Engineer after track 2, Which is totally cool, we have at Evolve Machine Learners are going to encourage everyone to think about starting their own
Machine Learning Startup using your new found skills.

Our View - Give it a shot, If you work through it and decide it’s not for you atleast you’ll have a great talking point for your next interview. Remember - You can always get a job why not start your own thing.

Side Note But Relevant

Just so you Guys + Gals know - I plan on donating 2.5% of all net profits from tution to building medical teaching facilities for young girls and women in the remote parts of Pakistan. We get to help people (you guys) then we get to help more people! I ‘ll explain where this idea came from in our 1st class at Evolve Machine Learners.


Akber Khan
Founder, Evolve Machine Learners
Aspiring Machine Learners